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Angelina Jordan Astar was born and raised in Oslo, Norway; this world-renowned singer has earned fantastic reviews for the amazing breadth, depth and maturity of her vocal talent that simply belies her young age. Amazingly, her passion for music began at just one-and- a-half years of age when Angelina first saw Whitney Houston on YouTube performing I Will Always Love You.
Whitney - and later Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington - became her first major musical influences. At the age of seven, Angelina auditioned for Norway’s Got Talent performing Billie Holiday’s Gloomy Sunday. She won the competition with the show drawing record TV audiences. Angelina’s videos have received over several billions views on YouTube and more than 4 billion views on Facebook. Amazingly, her passion for music began at just one-and- a-half years of age when Angelina first saw Whitney Houston on YouTube performing I Will Always Love You. Whitney - and later Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington - became her first major musical influences. At the age of seven, Angelina auditioned for Norway’s Got Talent performing Billie Holiday’s Gloomy Sunday. She won the competition with the show drawing record TV audiences.
Not surprisingly, throughout her rising career, Angelina has featured in prominent media outlets including TIME, CNN, BBC, and People while also performing on the U.S. network TV shows Little Big Shots and The View.
In 2016, Avicii chose Angelina for the vocals on his worldwide Volvo commercial campaign, a brilliant cover of Nina Simone’s Feeling Good.
As well as singing before Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, charitable causes to which Angelina has given her talent include the Rainforest Alliance at the American Museum of Natural History in New York and Ein Herz für Kinder in Berlin where she helped raise over 21 Million Euros for children and families in need.
This multi-talented singing prodigy has also written a successful, illustrated children’s book in her native Norway making Angelina the youngest published author in the country’s history. Based on the true story of when she was six years old, Angelina met a homeless, shoeless girl. After they talked for a long time, she gave the girl her shoes and vowed never to appear on stage again wearing shoes until all the world’s children had shoes. Since that time, Angelina has always performed barefoot in public.
Angelina Jordan barefoot queen is the winner of Norway got talent 2014. She also auditioned for America's got talent in 2020 where she received GOLDEN BUZZER from Heidi Klum. Currently, she signed with Republic records. August 2020.
Extended Profile Information:
I may be a little late to have discovered this unbelievable musical phenomenon, but Angelina Jordan continues to impress and inspire me daily. The more I found out about her, the more I wanted to hear her sing and uncover more of her story. This would account for the length and breadth of this new post. There's enough here to keep you informed, inspired, and entertained at your own pace.
I want to sing for the whole world. Singing is as important as breathing to me. I just love to sing. — Angelina Jordan
I recently discovered and am thoroughly enjoying listening to an amazingly talented young artist—Angelina Jordan Astar from Oslo, Norway. Born January 10, 2006, this musical child prodigy started singing very early in life.
Thanks to her maternal grandmother, Mery Zamani, Angelina began listening to classic American jazz artists when she was a very young child. She started singing around 18 months and by 3 knew that's what she wanted to do with her life—become an international singing superstar.
Luckily, her family has supported her in that direction. As a young child, Angelina attended the Oslo Waldorf School and participated in the Oslo School of Music and Performing Arts after-school program where she received vocal training.
In addition to singing, she also learned how to play 4 instruments—piano, violin, guitar, and flute—and she paints! She also writes regularly in her journal, part of which was later turned into a book. More on that below. She speaks several languages. For years she has been covering other artists and is now starting to record her own songs.
Enters Norway's Got Talent at 7 years old and wins
Seventh Heaven
In these earlier videos, it is totally incongruous to see such a small young child performing old American jazz standards on Norway's Got Talent. For her audition she sang Billie Holiday's version of Gloomy Sunday. The judges could not believe what they were hearing. Some were at a loss for words; others were teary-eyed. After Angelina finished singing, the audience and judges rose to their feet applauding wildly. As they sat down and the judges started interviewing Angelina, we hear music playing softly in the background. It's the beautiful song, How Long Will I Love You?That's the moment Norway, and, when the video went viral, the rest of the world, fell in love with Angelina and her amazing voice.
After Angelina auditioned for NGT, one of the judges concluded her remarks with this statement: You ARE music! The other finale judge said: I think that you are born to sing, and added in front of everyone that we have a superstar. Afterwards the judges said they were blown away, that Angelina was the best they'd seen.
Watch the final full show whereshe sings Summertime and goes on to win NGT with 46% of the vote at 7 years of age! See Angelina Jordan All Performances On Norways Got Talent.
Norways got talent All Performances
She puts a spell on you!
Here is another jaw-dropping, mind-blowing experience. Watch Angelina, now 9, belt out I Put A Spell On You in a studio with musicians, and later, live on Germany's Little Big Stars. Often covered in the past, this 1956 song was written and composed by Jalacy Screamin' Jay Hawkins. His own recording of it was selected as one of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll. You have to wonder how she discovered such historically significant artists. Watch him sing it, then you will understand how she honors him he's on the candle she holds up to the camera by staying true to the original, yet creating her own version of it see the conductor nodding at the written directions of her arrangement.
Angelina has recorded over 130 covers from 80 different artists that she's posted on Facebook and YouTube over the years. She arranges her own versions of popular songs and directs musicians how to play them. This video ranks as one of the most outrageous mind-blowers, with hundreds of reactor videos and millions of views! I love to see reactors try to respond in disbelief when they hear her sing this song. It's a double enjoyment for me—reacting to their reactions, as well as my own, again!! For example: Soul Reacts, a songwriter who cannot comprehend what he is hearing; and joethmarkaster's over-the-top reaction.
I put a Spell on You
Pontus Österlin at PO Talks put together a brilliantly edited 8-minute compilation of a range of many reactors' reactions as Angelina belts out I Put A Spell On You. During the credits listing the mark, he included footage of Jay Hawkins screaming out his song, with parallel clips of Angelina. This is definitely worth watching!
Later inserted The following year I replied to a question on Twitter as to which black and white film I thought was the best and most watched in 2001 and I said this one directed by Per Heimly adding his Twitter address. He liked it and we started a DM. I was thrilled and surprised and told him the world owed him a great debt for what he did for Angelina and her family, especially her grandma Mery Zamani. He messaged back: It's a Family Of Great Genius . 🤘❤️🙏
Here is another newer compilation: Look at the reactions of these beautiful girls! Angelina Jordan' I Put A Spell On You React. The names of the 7 reactors and their YouTube links are listed in the notes.
Another song that’s up there is Feeling Good. She was 10 years old when she performed it at Allsang På Grensen – TV2, and later LIVE on The Stream Gir Tilbake.
America's Got Talent Golden Buzzer
Six years later, Angelina appeared on America's Got Talent: The Champions 2020 when she was 13 years old. She told Heidi Klum that she had waited 10 years to sing for Simon Cowell. And it was on the biggest stage in the world! This was her moment. She auditioned with her own spellbinding version of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, which won her a Golden Buzzer from Heidi, who could hardly contain herself. After the show had aired, Angelina posted a tweet thanking all for having her and for the Golden Buzzer, which is included there.
Golden Buzzer
Reflecting on that moment, Angelina said: When Heidi stood up it felt like time stood still. I can't believe it. The confetti felt like millions of gold stars were falling on me. It was really the best moment of my life.
As the judges and audience members were on their feet applauding wildly, I heard an excerpt of Eva Cassidy singing Over The Rainbow playing in the background and thought, how appropriate! One amazing angelic voice honoring another as her dream finally, really did come true!
Talent Recap posted Angelina Jordan: ALL Performances on America's Got Talent Champions, which includes the introduction. Top 10 Talent also posted Angelina Jordan ALL Performances on America's Got Talent: Champions!, which includes what happened after Heidi Klum hit the Golden Buzzer. She then went on stage to hug and kiss Angelina on both cheeks. The other judges joined them on stage. Simon also hugged her and said: I don't think you know how good you are. Really! The camera then segues to Angelina's family: her thankful uncle Michael, sister Juliette's happy tears, and mother Sara and grandma Mery hugging. Kaleidoscope RMX also posted the Full Golden Buzzer Moment.
Angelina later returned for The Champions Season 2 2020 final round to sing her unique take on Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. She blew the judges away again, and the crowd went nuts in joyful disbelief.
Angelina was later joined by amazing sand artist Kseniya Simonova and talented young violinist Tyler Butler-Figueroa for an exciting group performance of Someone You Loved in the AGT Champions Finale.
Someone You Loved
Boris Palenovski later edited all 3 performances together in higher res: Angelina Jordan 13'; All performances'; America's Got Talent: the Champions Season 2'; 4K video. See 13-year-old Angelina wearing a T-shirt with her 7-year-old face on it from Norway's Got Talent at 3:52.
The girl with a thousand voices
Angelina later recorded Bohemian Rhapsody, with Queen's blessing, for her official channel. She also sings many cover songs by today's great artists, like Adele's All I Ask and her cover of Bob Dylan's Make You Feel My Love. She even sounds like Amy Winehouse in Back To Black. Her performance of Whitney Houston's I Have Nothing is filled with loving power and heartfelt feelings as seen in this screensaver from a video of her singing the song.
Angelina may emulate these artists, vocally and emotionally as she inhabits their songs, but she interprets them in her own unique stylistic way, often times better than the original! Like any great jazz artist, she is developing her own sound, finding her own voice, and now performing her own music. We are all in for many surprising treats.
When she was 10 years old Angelina was asked to record a song by Brandon Lowry, aka Sterling Fox or Baby FuzZ. Angelina's version was a demo, not meant to be released. She said she would never record it again because it deals with suicide. Nothing happened with his song, which he had written and recorded with some Norwegian friends. Someone later leaked the audio. Rusty Shackleford provides an explanation in this comment. He includes Baby Fuzz’s comment—an attempt to clear the air about it after he had heard it. Angelina's version of I'm Still Holding out for You could easily have become a Top 10 hit.
Worldwide online reactions
Besides her impressive vocal skills, what gives listeners goosebumps and moves them to tears are the powerful soulful feelings she puts into each song. How can someone that young, who has not yet experienced life’s ups and downs, express such emotions and understanding? It boggles the mind! There is no doubt that Angelina is an old soul in a young body—something the judges at NGT and AGT said, as well as others who have commented on her performances.
She has 2 billion Facebook views and over half a billion on YouTube. There are many compilation channels of her music and 100’s of reaction videos of people responding to some of the many songs she’s posted. Most of them are visibly moved, jaw-dropped at a loss for word.
One of the more qualified reactors is Spanish-speaking vocal coach Ceci Dover. She explains things in detail, sharing valuable advice. See this one she posted of Angelina covering Lana Del Ray's Born To Die.
In this enjoyable video select English subtitles, Ceci uses excerpts of Angela singing between ages 7-13 to give us an informed overview of the evolution of her amazingly talented voice.
See Angelina Jordan's rise to stardom! 🚀'; “When You Believe” ⏳ 🎼 🏆 Along with Angelina's cover of this iconic song is a visual montage created by Kaleidoscope RMX. It shows her commitment to and belief in herself using excerpts from NGT to AGT and a sweet surprise ending. Very emotional and inspiring!
Creatively collaborating with Stargate, signing with Republic Records
After turning down many requests to sign Angelina, the family eventually settled on what they felt was the right record company that would allow her to create her own style of music, and not mold her into something artificial for commercial gain. When she was 14, they signed with UMG's, United Music Group Republic Records.
Angelina released her first singles on the Republic Records label: “Million Miles” in November 2020 and “7th Heaven” in March 2021. Both songs are co-credited to the multiple Grammy-award-winning Los Angeles-based Norwegian production duo, Tor Erik Hermansen and Mikkel Storleer Eriksen, aka Stargate. Read how this creative collaboration came about in these postings by this Angelina Jordan Fan Club'; The Shield on the WIKI: Angelina Jordan and Stargate.
Republic released 4 videos—2 Live in Studio and 2 Official Lyric Videos: Million Miles Live in Studio and Official Lyric Video, a very personal song about losing her grandfather; and a more upbeat 7th Heaven Live in Studio and Official Lyric Video about her philosophy of life. The live in-studio videos were filmed in a sparse lounge-like setting. The official lyric videos contain the words to the songs with paintings by her grandmother Mery Zamani, some of which were printed onto the outfit Angelina wore on AGT. A third, more personal, Angelina Jordan'; Million Miles Official Music Video was later released in Jan 27, 2021.
Million Miles
Seventh Heaven
Partnering with Stargate and Republic officially launched the career of this young teenage artist. She is now getting to create and produce her own material. There is no question this original artist will evolve into the international superstar she dreamed of becoming ever since she was 3!
RECENTLY ADDED: Republic Records later produced and Angelina Jordan Official posted on July 15, 2021 a new video of Angelina Jordan singing 7th Heaven in a club setting with an audience. The story line includes a waitress listening to Angelina and the band rehearse, working in the kitchen dreaming of what her life could be, then at the live performance. It includes footage of her and Angelina horsing around in the kitchen. Very funny and cute.
The Barefoot Princess / Jazz Queen
You may have noticed that Angelina sings barefoot. There is a reason for that. While living abroad with her family in the Middle East she came upon a poor young girl, her own age at the time, around 6 years old. She was weighing people to earn money to feed her orphaned brothers and sisters. Angelina discovered this when she spoke to her. She also noticed that the girl was barefoot and had scars on her feet.
Angelina asked her what she wanted to become. She replied, a doctor, but didn't think it could happen. Angelina strongly told her to never give up her dreams. She took off her favorite green shoes and gave them to her. The girl resisted at first, then thanked her, and said she would pray every day for her to fulfill her dream to become a superstar and sing for the whole world. Angelina told the story in this Variety Media interview.
So, in honor of and inspired by that girl, Angelina always performs barefoot and still thinks of her, and the many homeless and shoeless children everywhere. Angelina actually went on to raise millions of Euros for children and families in need. Talk about putting yourself in other people’s shoes, or in this case, giving your shoes to someone in need! Angelina’s empathy and compassionate heart are expressed through her actions as well as her amazing voice!
Angelina’s empathy and compassionate heart are expressed through her actions as well as her amazing voice!
Publishes Between Two Hearts
At 9 years of age, Angelina became Norway's youngest author when she published a book about this story. Between Two Hearts is illustrated by her grandmother and painter at a very early age. Mery exposed Angelina to jazz before she could read or write, and is responsible for her desire to become a jazz singer. They create art together, and design and make her own clothing. Mery tapes the many videos of Angelina singing. She also paints the backdrops for some of them, including images in the animated sequence for the lyric version of Million Miles. Some of her images were made into clothing that Angelina wears, like the colorful pant suit she wore in her first appearance on AGT, when she sang Bohemian Rhapsody. See this short Angelina Jordan book release video.
In a Book Talk podcast posted by Angelina Jordan’s publisher, Cappelen Damm, in 2015, Erling Kittelsen, a Norwegian author and poet, and friend of the family, talks with Angelina about her book. When he was first shown her diary containing that episode with the barefoot girl, he said it should be made into a book. English subtitles have now been provided by her fan club. In between we hear excerpts of Angelina singing and small extracts from “Mellom to hjerter”Between Two Hearts. It is very moving and gives us a glimpse into who Angelina really is. For her,Love is very ' Love means everything.Angelina's book has been translated into English and is available for purchase as an eBook on her website:
See a footnote below that I added after ordering and reading the eBook.
The week her book came out, Angelina Jordan was interviewed by Anne Lindmo on the NRK TV show Lindmo Nov 14, 2015. Ms. Lindmo asked Angelina to share the story of why she sings barefoot and to tell the story of how she met a poor barefoot girl when she was 6 years old. She then brings out Angelina's actual diary for her to read what she wrote after that encounter with the girl. That Norwegian interview has now been translated with English subtitles. Click on the CC to watch it here. After the interview, Angelina sings Unchained Melody.
The whole family nourishes and supports Angelina in her career. In fact, her uncle is her manager, her mother handles publicity, and her grandmother is her stylist. They have been very protective of Angelina, wanting her to still enjoy her childhood and complete her education as she pursues her dream to become an international star. Throughout it all Angelina remains unpretentious and is happily focused on manifesting her musical destiny. In a reactor video, GEB Endeavors comments on how Angelina's uncle became her manager and eventually paved the way for the family to move to LA to pursue her career in music. It's happening!
It is interesting to note that instead of bowing when an audience applauds her, she curtsies. She always comes across as dignified yet humble, respectful and loving. A rare talent and a very special soul.
Revealing insights into Angelina's inner world
When Angelina performs, she is in her element. She is calm and fearless. It is natural for her to powerfully project the emotional content of a song. She appears extroverted on stage, yet is in her own world. But ask her questions in an interview, and she gives short answers. She seems shy, introverted. She’s not comfortable expressing herself personally. However, it seems to be easier for her the older she gets.
I think she may be an introvert by nature and inhabits a rich inner world. She comes from a deep place. We get a glimpse of that world when she sings, and are transformed by it. Here are a few hints I've noticed in some interviews.
In this 2016 Norway TV News Feature, Angelina tells the interviewer:I want to sing for the whole world. Singing is as important as breathing to me. I just love to sing.That says it all.
I want to sing for the whole world. Singing is as important as breathing to me. I just love to sing. — Angelina Jordan
Angelina is quite young in this interview when she said:I close my eyes and go in a different world.Her mother Sara said: “I came home one day when my mother looked after her. She was well eighteen months, and sang a Whitney Houston song in bed. I was almost shocked. It was so beautiful! We quickly realized that she had very great interest in music. It is she who is first and foremost musical in the family. Neither my husband nor I are particularly musical.” This video, Angelina Jordan'; The Evolution, includes that clip of Angelina singing as a baby.
I close my eyes and go in a different world.
A young Angelina to an interviewer asking her about her singing.
Angelina was 1 of 10 finalists in America's Got Talent: The Champions 2020, and the winner was going to be announced that night. In this Short Interview from LA in Norwegian TV2 Monday Feb 17, 2020, the interviewer asks Angelina about the public's response to her singing. She told the interviewer that it's absolutely incredible that there are so many people who send so many millions of messages, and quoted a few.
Q: How do you prevent this from getting to your head?
A: I take it all in…and use it to spread love to everyone all over the world.
I take it all in…and use it to spread love to everyone all over the world.
Angelina Jordan's response to a Norwegian reporter in LA asking her how she prevents all this attention from going to her head.
On Scandinavian TV,Singer Angelina Jordan: – I don't feel like a 12-year-old | SVT/TV 2/Skavlan Skavlan asks Angelina some deep questions. Her answers are revealing!
At the start of the interview in Norwegian, Skavlan asks Angelina,What do you find easiest: singing or speaking?
She doesn't hesitate to answer, Singing and writing, which is what you'd expect from an introvert. He confirms her answer by asking, Singing and writing is easiest? Not speaking? Smiling and chuckling, she shyly nods her head in agreement.
They then switch to speaking in English.
Q: My first question is, when I see you on stage, I wonder, who do you feel that you become?
Q: What do you mean by endless?
A: Like, full of happiness, and, I love' It's amazing!
Q: Many people say that you don't sound like a 12-year-old. Do you feel like a 12-year-old?
A: I feel like a 12-year-old when I look at my passport.
When I sing I go to another world. In the world, it’s like, endless. It’s amazing. 'Like, full of happiness, and, I love ' It's amazing!
Angelina Jordan answers Skavlan's questions about what happens to her when she sings on stage.
He mentions a song that she's written and will soon perform, and asks her what it's about. She explains, It's about someone you love, wherever you are, it's a strong love, protects you.
The song sounds like a religious prayer, which could also serve as the theme song for a Bond movie. Skavlan said it reminded him of the Bond films and asks her if she’s familiar with them. She tells him that she got the inspiration for her song from the Bond films. He asks if she would sing a little bit of her favorite Bond song, and she does, acapela, Diamonds Are Forever.
Listen to her sing her song Shield with the band. It is powerful! Skavlan posted it Nov 12, 2018. There's a video of her performing this song with a band in an open air concert the following year in Norway, Jul 12, 2019, when she was 13.
The Shield
Describing her destiny
In this Feb 4, 2021 People Magazine article, Alyssa Johnson asks her: Where do you hope to see yourself in five years from now?
I’ll have an important name in the music industry and to make timeless music that can live forever. Also to give the best music experience to people and for them to enjoy and feel emotional or dance or make memories with the music I make.
Angelina Jordan's answer to a People Magazine reporter asking her where she hopes to see herself in 5 years.
Angelina is definitely following her bliss and manifesting her purpose in life! True to her name, Angelina Jordan Astar is an angel and a star sent here to fulfill her destiny and awaken a range of emotions in our hearts and touch our souls with her incredible voice!
Indeed! That about sums it up.
Angelina Jordan's social media, fan clubs, and overviews
Visit her official site: Angelina Jordan, and her various social media accounts: YouTube and CoverChannel to see selected videos of her performing well-known songs, including some of her own; and follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. To support Angelina join her on Patreon. Read her profile on Republic Records.
This Angelina Jordan Fanclub Mosarz, run by her grandmother, posts clips she's taken of family and friends, concerts, and rare behind the scenes footage. Here are two examples: rehearsing the song, What is Life? that she composed for the orchestra and wrote the lyrics, and an exclusive backstage rehearsal for AGT.
Visit Rusty Shackelford's YouTube Channel for a complete list of every song Angelina has performed. In Rusty's complimentary response to voice coach Julia Nilon'sin-depth technical reaction to Angelina's performance of I Put A Spell On You he gives her a comprehensive review of the young singer's history that's worth reading.
YouTuber, pa1189j, created a library of individual and mashup quality videos of Angelina Jordan.
My Time also created a great compilation of Angie's Music +.
Andy Schnell, another knowledgeable fan, usually informs new reactors to Angelina's music with a brief comprehensive history of her accomplishments. Here is a recent one.
See the first time vocal coach Fairy Voice Mother ever listened and reacted to Angelina sing. She gave an excellent explanation and analysis of how Angelina was creating the sounds in her voice while singing Bohemian Rhapsody on AGT, and was moved to tears listening to such a rare talent.
Also see Wikiwand’s page for Angelina Jordan. Gary Rogers posted a long list of Angelina Jordan interviews, clips and everything else about her.
Added footnote: I just bought and finished reading the eBook of Between Two Hearts. I was just as moved by her story and the way she tells it of why she sings barefoot as I am when I hear her sing, even more so. What an evolved soul for such a young girl! Through the eyes of a child, Angelina innocently makes us see and understand the suffering of a homeless little girl, and why she was moved to do something about it in her own small way. This was definitely a life-transforming experience for Angelina that continues today. And probably for that homeless girl as well. I understand why she went on to raise money for homeless families. If they publish a hardback copy in English, I would buy it again. Her grandmother's childlike artwork adds a lot to the book.
More updates: On July 31, 2021, Angelina posted an original slowed-down, jazzed-up cover version of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean. Check out the colorful sets. An amazing production! On August 26, 2021, she followed that up with a similar treatment of The Beatles song, Yesterday.
On October 14, 2021, after a 6-year absence, Adele posted her new song, Easy On Me. The next day, Angelina's Fanclub posted a TikTok clip of her singing the song. The day after that Angelina premiered her amazing cover of the song: Angelina Jordan'; Easy On Me Adele Cover Live From Studio!Republic Records produced the in-studio black and white video of Angelina at the mic with just her piano accompanist. Angelina pours her heart and soul into this song. Her voice continues to mature as well as her vocal dexterity. Surprisingly, she sounds even better! I posted a comment on the quality of the silence I felt at the end of the song. There have already been many videos posted on YouTube reacting to Angelina's cover of Adele's song. See this most effusive reaction from Adam Straughan.
Friday, Dec 10, 2021, The Hating Game premiered in the USA. Republic Records released the original motion picture soundtrack and featured Angelina’s cover version of “Mercy” by Duffy to promote the film! You can listen on these music services:
Thursday, Dec 23, 2021, 3pm CST: Angelina Jordan Online Christmas Concert live from Los Angeles. Visit her website for details:
Angelina Jordan turns 16
Jan 10, 2022: In honor of Angelina's 16th birthday Pontus Österlin posted 16 Reactors 1st Time Hearing Angelina Jordan. Very amusing. Another great compilation from PO Talks in Sweden worth watching! BigAngieFan Chris Walker from Hawaii posted a wonderful compilation in the form of a quiz: Happy Birthday to Angelina Jordan! Can You Guess How Old She Is? I really enjoyed this musical mix by Kaleidoscope RMX: 🥳🥳🥳HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGELINA JORDAN 🥳🥳🥳 👨‍👧
Valentine's Day: Angelina posts the best version of My Funny Valentine! Remember when she sang it at 10 years old?
April 11, 2022: Written by Willie Nelson and popularized by Patsy Cline, listen to Angelina Jordan sing Crazy and you'll go crazy for loving her!
Honoring Elvis Presley
June 22, 2022: Angelina Jordan honors Elvis Presley a day before the release of Baz Luhrmann's film, Elvis, singing a slow melancholy version of Suspicious Minds. The song was written by Memphis singer Mark James, an old friend of Elvis. When he heard the dcentero, Elvis told Mark he wanted the song and the female background vocalists. It went to #1 and relaunched his career.
In this video, Angelina wore a beehive hairdo like Priscilla, dressed in a black leather jumpsuit carrying a red guitar over her shoulder like Elvis in his televised '68 Comeback Special. Rob Christie arranged the music and accompanied Angelina on piano. Rob's red jumpsuit matches the guitar color and is what Elvis' musicians wore in that '68 Special.
Her uncle and manager, Michael Astar, arranged everything. His two young daughters and Angelina's sister Juliette make brief appearances in the video. Grandma Mery Zamani was the executive producer. Cole McCarthy directed the video in the same location that Angelina sang My Funny Valentine—an LA antique furniture and chandelier shop. This is an amazing performance and production!
Suspicious Minds

Summer Concerts in Norway

June 22, 2022, Allsang på Grensen

Angelina will be performing at various venues in Norway this summer. At her first appearance she paid tribute to Freddie Mercury and Whitney Houston. She sang Bohemian Rhapsody in a vibrant red pant suit and I Have Nothing in a stunning ice blue gown, both televised by TV2 Norway. Angelina Jordan Vlogs captured part of Bohemian Rhapsody, and I Have Nothing twice from the actual event. They also posted excerpts from the other upcoming concerts. Phillippa1189jlater provided with the best audio version so far with a clean music intro.
July 1, 2022, Kurbadhagen
Angelina gave her own full concert at Kurbadhagen. Andy Schnell posted the playlist 14 songs + 3 encores. She looks so happy and relaxed in front of a live audience again. And her band swings. Instead of singing in one spot, she moves freely about the stage, and interacts with the audience in between songs—a new development for her, and us. The lucky fans are thrilled, and she's loving it!
Before singing Amy Winehouse's song, Tears Dry on Their Own, Angelina delivers her quintessential message: I'm probably repeating myself but, the most important thing is just to be yourself, be kind to each other, and just be happy. That's all that matters. Applause
An audience member shouts out, You make us happy.
Visibly moved, Angelina replies: Oh, that means so much.
The most important thing is just to be yourself, be kind to each other, and just be happy. That’s all that matters.
Angelina Jordan to her concert audience at Kurbadhagen
See this beautiful and succinct comment about Angelina Jordan posted by Shodan Rich after hearing her sing Suspicious Minds, the 3rd and final encore of the show.
Mike Richards posted a video of concert photos taken by
Rusty Shackleford posted a video of House of the Rising Sun from Hege of The Shield fan group. He later posted a multi-cam video of Suspicious Minds that he created from footage provided by many mcenterbers of the The Shield fan group.
July 7, 2022, Kongsberg Jazz Festival
Rusty later posted a clip from Øyvind Skogstad of The Shield Fan Group of Angelina opening the concert with an amazing new cover of Labrinth's Mount Everest. Rusty Shackleford later audio-corrected and video-edited Chris Walker's 4K footage of Angelina surprising everyone with her version of Mount Everest, especially her falsetto riffing with the guitarist.
Kathrine posted a TV interview by NRK Dagsrevyen from that concert with Angelina singing a jazzy version of her song 7th Heaven. When asked how life is in the USA and if she is fully committed to the music, she replied: Yes, I am fully committed to music. Music is my life.
I am fully committed to music. Music is my life.
Angelina Jordan answering a NRK interviewer
A month later, Kathrine posted Angelina Jordan on “Festivalsommer” at NRK TV the 6th of August, 2022. Her section of the Kongsberg Jazz Festival 7:45–17:20 opens with an interview followed by Angelina singing her original songs, 7th Heaven and Million Miles. Boris Palenovski later enhanced the audio-visual quality of this NRK TV feature to 4K.
Chris Walker, aka BigAngieFan, posted this sweet clip of Angelina interacting with her audience before singing Valerie telling thcenter how happy she is to be back in Norway after 3 years to sing for thcenter again. A month later Chris posted Angelina Jordan Live at Kongsberg 2022: All of Me and Valerie on The Hawaii Walkers Channel. And these too: House of the Rising Sun and Killing Me Softly. The closeup picture and sound are broadcast quality! Chris continues to add more songs, like You Don't Own Me, and Crazy and Mercy with improved sound, and Bang Bang, followed by Bohcenterian Rhapsody ' Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. He later added a translated Introduction, a Musical Intro, a brief talk by Angelina, and her singing Mount Everest, a song most were not familiar with. It blew thcenter away! Angelina also performed the Amy Winehouse song Tears Dry On Their Own. Chris created a hybrid version of 7th Heaven using NRK TV and fan footage. I recorded about 25% of the video and sound myself, and the other 75% is from NRK TV.
Alan Papier posted The Kongsberg Concert Interviews with fans that came from around the world to listen to Angelina Jordan sing. He wrote: Thousands of Angelina Jordan's fans around the world wish they could have attended her recent concerts in Norway. In today's video, we try and recreate the atmosphere from her concert at the Kongsberg Jazz Festival for those who could not attend.
July 10, 2022, Kurbadhagen, Sandefjord
There are several posts from this concert. Steinar Hatlen's closeup recording of Angelina's powerful rendition of her song, Million Miles was posted by The Shield. Angelina introduced the song saying it is very meaningful to her about her grandpa and wanted to share a special message about losing someone you loved: I don't want anyone of you to think that, you know, that they left you. They're always going to be with you no matter where you are. So you're never alone, a reference to the repeated line, I'm never alone, in her song.
Kathrine posted the complete new cover version of Mount Everest, which opened the show, Killing Me Softly, Fly Me to the Moon, Mercy, You Don't Own Me, Suspicious Minds, Bohemian Rhapsody, Yellow Brick Road, House of the Rising Sun, Tears Dry on Their Own, 7th Heaven, Love on the Brain, All of Me, Valerie, Crazy, Bang Bang, and a better quality video of Million Miles. From 4:40–4:50, Angelina's voice kept soaring like never before. It surprised the audience, including the musicians. Thrilled, everyone applauded. Angelina gave thcenter a little smile and kept on singing. I asked Kathrine what it must have felt like. Steve answered that he was only 10 feet away when she sang this '; it was spine chilling. Geir Stian Aaslund described it as a triple Angelina moment and wrote: I almost fainted when I heard that part at the concert.
Kathrine posted I Have Nothing, which included Angelina's introduction. I want to dedicate this song to a very special person—my grandma. Applause She couldn't personally come this time because as you guys know, she's been sick, but she will be better soon. And I' I miss her so much. I miss every single second that I'm not with her. And' you guys enjoy. That powerful song concluded the concert.
Mattias Axelsson recorded the Kurbadhagen concert in 4K. In his first video, he posted sound checks for At last and I Have Nothing, ending with visuals of people lined up to get in. He then posted all 18 songs in the order they were performed, starting with Mount Everest and ending with I Have Nothing. This secenters to be a complete quality compilation.
Vidar Enerud also uploaded the Full Playlist of 15 songs plus 3 encores, including a poster listing thcenter.
The Foot Crew posted the show in one video 1:05:51: Angelina Jordan consert Kurbadhagen in Sandefjord in Norway! It was insane.. It's further from the stage, but the sound from the large speaker array systcenter is clearer.
Tomas Odebrant posted 5 rehearsals: 1 At last, 2-4 I Have Nothing, 5 Bang Bang. Hallvard Ulsaker filmed a closeup of Angelina singing I Have Nothing and Million Miles. Trond Andersen posted 11 songs so far. Geir Stian Aaslund posted Suspicious Minds, Bang Bang, Mercy, Valerie, Fly Me to the Moon, Yellow Brick Road, an excerpt of Million Miles including someone reacting to AJ's unexpected high riff, and I Have Nothing, starting with her dedication to Grandma Mery.
The words to the song—I have nothing, nothing, nothing, if I don't have you—are true on two levels—her grandma and her audience. Without Mery Zamani introducing Angelina to jazz at a very early age and lovingly supporting and recording her God-given talent—she, and we, would have nothing. And without devoted fans, a singer has nothing.
Angelina's career is all based on giving and receiving love. She even gave the heart sign twice while singing All of Me. The love and appreciation the audience showed Angelina moved her to tears, just as her love and singing did for thcenter, and us.
As you could see from the videos, everyone on and off the stage was very happy. It was a huge lovefest.
July 11, 2022: An Angelina Jordan Bonus Podcast Episode of Wrapped in a Warm Blanket with co-hosts Alan Papier and Pontus Österlin from Kurbadhagen in Sandefjord, Norway. Alan and Pontus finally met there in person and shared their reflections on Angelina's concert. They also met Sara Astar, Angelina's mother. Nice to see such dedicated AJ reactors and podcasters looking fulfilled after seeing and hearing Angelina sing in person. She created a magical atmosphere beyond their expectations.
July 20, 2022: Angelina Jordan Kurbadhagen '; The Sandefjord Concert Interviews. These interviews with fans from all over the world were very inspiring! It included a surprise visit with Egil, Angelina's guitarist from her earlier years in Norway.
July 24, 2022: Angelina Jordan '; I Have Nothing Whitney Houston Cover. Angelina just prcenteriered this cover song in black and white, filmed at the same LA antique furniture and chandelier store where she sang My Funny Valentine and Suspicious Minds. This is 3 years after she had recorded her Whitney Houston tribute mentioned above. As great as that recording was back then, the depth and dexterity of her maturing voice now is absolutely phenomenal! And she is only 16 years old!
I have Nothing
August 18, 2022: Chris Walker later created a multi-camera edit of Angelina Jordan's centerotional performance of Elvis Presley's song Suspicious Minds at Kurbadhagen, Norway, on July 10, 2022. The edit uses video shot by fans from five different angles.
August 25, 2022: Rusty Shackleford later cleaned up and edited together footage from 4 fans' cameras of Angelina's powerful centerotional version Million Miles at Kurbadhagen on July 10, 2022.
Septcenterber 16, 2022: Boris Palenovski posted the Septcenterber 13th visit of Jonathan Sugarfoot Moffett, Michael Jackson's drummer since 1979, to a Republic Records studio especially to hear Angelina Jordan sing. Sitting cross-legged on the edge of a small stage, Angelina sang all of Whitney Houston's I Have Nothing, on Boris' YouTube, and part of Billie Jean for him on his and Angelina's TikTok. He wrote: You are SENSATIONAL!!!! ⭐️ and also answered someone's comment with: Why compare to Michael? This is her own version and tribute. And she sounds FANTASTIC! He also told Angelina: I can feel that it touched Michael's spirit. You delivered, you delivered. It touched her heart.
October 23, 2022: Joey Farr prcenteriered Angelina Jordan 4K July 10th 2022 Kurbadhagen / Full concert edited 1:08:38. At the end of the video, Joey posted a composite photo of two selfies he had taken at different times—one with Sarah and one with Angelina. A very lucky guy!!
Wrapped in a Warm Blanket Podcast
Last year, AJ reactors Alan Papier and Pontus Österlin PO Talks collaborated to create Wrapped in a Warm Blanket, a podcast with heart-to-heart talks about Angelina Jordan’s artistry and how it affects our inner world. Their second season comes to YouTube on Feb 10, 2022. Watch this beautifully edited Angelina Jordan's Podcast Teaser '; Season Two '; Wrapped in a Warm Blanket. See Polina‘s beautiful watercolor painting of Angelina come together before your eyes. She captures her!
Much to my surprise, co-hosts Alan and Pontus had seen this blog post and invited me on their podcast to talk about my experiences with meditation and listening to Angelina to see if there were similarities, and to shed more light on this topic. We had a long animated conversation, and it was later edited down for Season Two, Episode 4: It's All Mind '; Meditating on Angelina Jordan with Ken Chawkin. Watch the Prcenteriere with Live Chat on Thursday, March 24 at 3pm London time 10am Central Daylight Time. It will then be available at this same link: Appreciated the positive reactions, especially the amazing comment from Jim Donaldson.
Novcenterber 24, 2022: Born to Sing, The Angelina Jordan story is a documentary of Angelina Jordan's first eight years as an artist and as a great humanitarian. Produced by Alan Papier and Pontus Osterlin, here is the TEASER '; Born to Sing '; Angelina Jordan Documentary, followed by the Angelina Jordan Documentary '; Born to Sing '; The Early Years.
Deccenterber 8, 2022: Kaleidoscope RMX posted this stunning blended video: Angelina Jordan My Funny Valentine Jazz Arrangcenterent 🎼🎶. I don't know who the jazz trio is, but they are perfect in this mashup—how Angelina is meant to sound singing this jazz standard.
Deccenterber 14, 2022: Using Zoom Pro and other software tweaks, pa1189j created an enhanced audio livestream, My Broadcast, of Angelina's 1-hour July 10th concert at Kurbadhagen. The sound quality is pristine. You can now hear every nuance of Angelina's amazing voice! He said he will try to separate and title each song before Christmas.
January 10, 2023: For Angelina's 17th birthday today, Pontus Österlin at PO Talks posted 17 Reactors 1st Time Hearing Angelina Jordan. Love it! Happy Birthday, Angelina!
17 Reactions
January 13, 2023: With yesterday's sudden and unexpected passing of Lisa Marie Presley 54, Angelina Jordan posted an centerotional tribute with this message of condolences—You will never be forgotten Lisa Marie ❤️ Rest in Peace ❤️ and an Elvis Presley cover of Only Fools Rush In, to Priscilla and the Presley family on her TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.
February 12, 2023: Kathrine Angeltveit translated a June 23, 2014 TV2 interview with 8-year old Angelina after she had won NGT asking her what she was going to do with her winnings. Angelina's reply reveals her selfless compassionate heart: I will use them on children who are all alone, and who don’t have any shoes nor clothes. I want to make them happy and I want to sing for them.” When asked when she is hoping to do this, she replies: “Forever.” As we know, Angelina went on to do just that—sing to raise millions for such charities! In addition to her beautiful soul-stirring voice, she also has the heart of an angel, a saint!
February 14, 2023: Released today. What a perfect Valentine's Day gift! On Deccenterber 17, 2022, Angelina Jordan was invited to perform during the 20th Annual Asian American Awards at the Beverly Hilton. Character Media’s Caroline Yu wrote this wonderful article about it: Watch Angelina Jordan’s Covers of Whitney Houston and Queen from the 2022 Unforgettable Gala. Here are those two amazing performances.
Bohemian Rhapsody
I have Nothing
My Song (Visualizer)
My Love
Love Don't Let Me Go!
Angelina Jordan
Love Don't Let Me Go!
Conclusion: Fill my heart with song and let me sing for evermore!