PJS Bootstrap 3.2.1

22 Comments January 3, 2015

PJS.Bootstrap - 3.2.0

Rebooting the Bootstrap theme with a new name to bring it inline with other themes coming soon.

Don Boulton.com uses PJS.Bootstrap 3.2.0. I upgraded after being able to tweak it to my liking and creation of a colorbox login link for the menu.cshtml for quick LogOn and Social oauth access. I included Social provider login, within the colorbox window.

This Mobile First Theme is smoking bad ass and a joy to use.

I'm going to try theme and swatch switcher and see how that works, I built my own when it was a DNN fan and that would be to cool if it does not entail alot of overhead

-update Bootstrap library to v3.2.0
-update Font-Awesome library to 4.2.0
-update Bootswatch templates to v3.2.0 (includes new Paper and Sandstone swatches)

* Requires Orchard 1.8 or higher
* Demo available at http://philipsenechal.com/bootstrap
* Bootstrap 3.2.0
* Font Awesome 4.2.0
* Bootswatch 3.x templates
* Custom module shapes
* Admin panel selectable options

* Custom shapes for Open Authentication, NGravatar, Latest Twitter, Zen Gallery, oForms, Vandelay Tag Cloud, and Add This Content Sharing modules
* Admin panel options for centered or fluid layout, fixed top or floating navigation, primary or inverse navigation bar color, sticky or normal footer, Bootswatch or default Bootstrap style, blog layout

Documentation available on the project site
Please submit issues on the project site
Minor issues fixed on project site
Monthly updates published to Orchard Gallery

Bootswatches available.



Built on Winhost

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