Orchard Performance

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Orchard Performance

Discussions on changes to Orchard 1.10 web.config, zipping files for AWS to Cloud-front, Proper Response and Request headers.

Web.config additions and changes, with different performance alternatives.

Orchard Cache, iDeliverable widgets, HTML Minified settings will be discussed. Conjugation routines of .css and .js before 7-zipping  them with a gzip Ultra format.

This page is always under development. at http://donboulton.com/blogs/orchard-performance

You want straight A's from webpagetest.org. Almost for me straight A's; just one image and google-analytics.com stops straight A's.

Follow the below content and test things locally first.

My full test results:  http://www.webpagetest.org/result/160227_P1_4P4/1/details/

I am getting a repeat view of 0kb and initially 380kb which is 1gb lower that a stock Orchard site with bootstrap and some images.


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