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Donald W. Boulton's pesonal website. Content will be constantly added and updated.
This web is on a shared server ASP.NET 4.5, SQL 2014, MVC5 with a Orchard 1.8.1 CMS. Themed with  a PJS.Bootstrap 3.2.0  modified Theme using bootswatch slate.css for the dark style. See my Blog for posts on changes I made to the PJS.Bootstrap 3.2.0 theme and others


All cache, performance and compression utilities are being utilized including static compression; "thanks to for the usage of dynamic compression".

Proper HTTP headers and utilizing my static sub-web through Cloud front - Amazon S3 for external CDN, cookie less cloud storage, some docs and Videos are utilizing Google Drive.

Lowering server processor and memory load  on my shared server with sessions being in SQL Session State, In Proc overloaded the server and killed the site several times for a minute or so.

Utilizing colorbox for external links, pictures, and YouTube Videos.

Having fun coding and styling Orchard 1.8.1 and its theme PJS.Bootstrap 3.2.0.

More soon.....


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